May 14-16, 2008, Dubna

Programme (in Russian)


The 12-th three-day workshop on Computer Algebra will be held on May 14-16, 2007. This workshop is a traditional joint meeting of The Seminar on Computer Algebra of Moscow State University with the Seminar on Computational and Applied Mathematics of the Laboratory of Information Technologies of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. It is the continuation of a series of workshops which started in 1997 by Computer Science Faculty of MSU, Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of MSU and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The workshop is conceived with the purpose of presenting topics of current interest and providing a stimulating environment for scientific discussion on new developments in computer algebra.

The participation will take place BY REQUESTS only. Participants have to fill the following forms (including abstracts and personal data) in Russian and English. The requests should be sent to Mrs. Alla Bogolubskaya (abogol at jinr.ru), NOT LATER than May 7.

The duration of reports is 20-30 mins including discussion. Participants who plan to visit Dubna for one day only should inform Alla Bogolubskaya about preferable date of the visit.

The language of the Workshop is English and Russian.

For visa arrangements participants are kindly requested to send as soon as possible to Mrs. Natalia Dokalenko by either E-mail: doknatasha at jinr.ru or fax: (7-49621) 65891 the following information.

Current hotel prices now are 754 rub/night - a single room, and 480 rub/night - a single room in (1+2 block), and 405 rub/night - a place in double room and 290 rub. - a place on a campus.

The transport timetable is at the site: http://www.dubna.ru/transport.php

Most interesting reports will be published (after a review treatment) in "Programmirovanie" Journal. The full version of papers (better in Russian) should be passed to Sergei Abramov in during of the Workshop (NOT LATER!) in printed form (as a paper) AND as a file in PostScript or PDF format.

Please, spread the above information as wide as possible

Participant form

First Name:
Second Name:
Family Name:



A list of co-authors (if any)




The following data is required to arrange Russian visa support
(please pay attention that you have to provide us with folllowing data not later than March 15)


Family name


First name(s)


Date, month and year of birth


Place of birth






Passport No


Date, month and year of issue


Date, month and year of expiration


Place of work:




Home Institute address








Accompanying person(s) (children under 16, if any, name and year of birth)


Desirable duration of stay in Russia






Cities one plans to visit in Russia


Place of applying for the visa (country and city in which the Russian Consulate is available)


Passport copy (signature pages). You can send it by fax 7 496 21 65145 or e-mail docnatasha at jinr.ru (Mrs. Natalia Dokalenko, Secretary )


Residence permit copy (in case you are not a citizen of the country chosen for visa application )


Please be advised, that your passport must be valid during 6 months after the date of visa expiration

PLEASE CHECK: Visa should be valid both for Moscow and Dubna.




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