May 21-22, 2018, Dubna

The workshop is dedicated to the memory of Vitaly Rostovtsev (23.05.1932-19.09.2017)




S.A. Abramov (CC FRC «CS and C» RAS, Moscow)
«Reduction of linear difference systems and the dimension of solution spaces»
S. Adlaj (Computing Centre of RAS, Moscow)
«Galois primes and modular equations»
I.N. Belyaeva, N.A. Chekanov (Belgorod State University), I.K.Kirichenko (NUPU, Kharkov, Ukraine),
N.N.Chekanova (KESI of BUU, Kharkov, Ukraine),
«Normalization end Quantization of Classical Hamiltonian Systems with Two Degree of Freedoms»
D.V. Divakov, A.A. Tiutiunnik (RUDN University, Moscow)
«The Symbolic-Numerical Algorithm for Calculating Scalar Products in the Waveguide Diffraction Problem»

N.N. Vassiliev (PDMI, Saint-Petersburg), V.S. Duzhin (ETU, Saint-Petersburg)
«Randomized Schutzenberger transformation and uniformly random generator of Young tableaux»

V.F. Edneral (MSU, PFUR, Moscow), V.G. Romanovski (University of Maribor, Slovenia)
«Local and Global ODEs Properties»

A.A. Zobova, K.V. Gerasimov (MSU, Moscow)
«Modeling dynamics of a vehicle with omni-wheels without slip»


I.I. Kosenko, K.V. Gerasimov (MSU, Moscow)
«Object-oriented modeling of dynamics of a vehicle with omni-wheels with dry friction»


V.P. Gerdt (LIT JINR, Dubna), E.A. Kotkova ("Dubna" University, Dubna)
«Painlevé test and differential Thomas decomposition»


V.P. Gerdt (LIT JINR, Dubna), Yu.A. Blinkov, I.A.Pankratov (SSU, Saratov)
«On computer algebra aided discretization of the boundary conditions for difference schemes»


G.K. Giorgadze (Department of Mathematics of TSU, Tbilisi)
«Analytic differential equations on plane and equilibria of point charges»


N.M. Glazunov (National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine)
«Computer-Algebraic Aspects of Noncommutative (Quantum) Geometry and Zeta Functions»

A.A. Gusev, O. Chuluunbaatar, G. Chuluunbaatar, S.I. Vinitsky (JINR, Dubna)
«Symbolic-numerical algorithms for construction of quadrature formulas on simplexes»
S.A. Gutnik (MIPT, Moscow), V. A. Sarychev ( Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS)
«Application of computer algebra methods to investigation of the dynamics of the system of two connected bodies moving along a circular orbit»

V.V. Kornyak (JINR, Dubna)
«A new algorithm for splitting representations of finite groups into irreducible components»


M. N. Gevorkyan, A. V. Demidova, A. V. Korolkova (RUDN University, Moscow),
D. S. Kulyabov (RUDN University, Moscow; LIT JINR, Dubna)
«Code generation based on the template engines»


N.V. Makhaldiani (JINR, Dubna)
«Supersymmetric Dynamics, Statistical Sums and Zeta-Functions»


M.D.  Malykh, L.A. Sevastianov (RUDN University, Moscow)
«The classical transcendental functions from the point of view of finite difference method»


S.D. Meshveliani (PSI RAS, Pereslavl-Zalessky)
«On formally proved programs for arithmetic of natural numbers in binary representation»


H.-P. Pavel (BLTP JINR, Dubna, Russia)
«Computation of the low-energy Spectrum of SU(3) Yang-Mills Quantum Mechanics»

S.N. Perepechko (PetrSU, Petrozavodsk)
«Near-perfect matchings on tori C_m x C_n of odd order»
V.S. Rikhvitsky (JINR, Dubna)
«Indicial Topology of solutions of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation»

A.A. Ryabenko (CC FRC «CS and C» RAS, Moscow)
«Two Maple Packages to Construct Hypergeometric Solutions of Inhomogeneous Linear Recurrence and q-Recurrence Systems»

M. Spiridonova, S. Poryazov (IMI - BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria)
«Problem Oriented Computer Algebra Microenvironments»
O.V. Tarasov (LIT JINR, Dubna)
«Optimized evaluation of Gröbner bases for Feynman integrals»
D.A. Yanovich (JINR, Dubna)
«On a representation of polynomials for computing involutive and Gröbner bases»


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